Our company was founded in 1987. Just as the industrial structure changed in Poland, so our company through the years, matured and took on experiences in order to fully meet the needs of our customers.

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We realize how important it is to implement production plans of our customers, because our mission is to carry out orders on time and with attention to the full satisfaction of investors.

Constant changes enforced by the development, production movements to new countries, the need to quickly adapt to the requirements of the market, made machines in factories become part of the ongoing puzzle in ever new configurations which allow the company quickly adopt the manufacturing process to the customer's expectations and at the same time save money. Relocation of machines combines a wide range of specialized work that our experienced, qualified staff realize creating a new work centre or production line.

We executed orders for both Polish and foreign investors. Our experience includes relocation of production lines and machines within a single plant and between different factories in Poland and abroad.

Our goal is to provide peace and satisfaction to our customers as they are the most important for us.

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